Television acting experience
French & Spanish speaking

About me

Most often I am featured as a cowboy-outdoorsman, a Manhattan socialite or a CEO, but I also do comedic spots requiring an expressive face. On television I play anything from a Jeeves-style butler to a cold blooded murderer. I have even done avant garde fashion shoots.

I take the work seriously but am easy to work with. I am never late, and I do not waste time on the set. I know my lines and my place, and my ego does not exceed my talent. I am intuitive to your ideas, anticipate your needs and take direction well. I listen. I can hold a pose an excruciatingly long time and work hours without tiring. I believe the better our product looks, the better we look.

I live in Baltimore and work the mid-Atlantic. I speak Spanish and French, am a free-lance writer and translator, have a current passport and have spent time living, learning and working overseas. I keep in shape with weightlifting, jogging and yoga. My references are excellent and at your disposal. I look forward to your inquiry.